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Unkle Kunkel's One gram Band

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An energetic five-piece rock group based out of Baltimore, MD - Playing original music driven by funky drumming & percussion, melodic guitar licks, soaring organ & synth, and moving bass lines.

Within the music, the group ties together their inspiration from groups like The Allman Brothers, Little Feat, Parliament, Grateful Dead, Snarky Puppy, Frank Zappa & more. 

Uncle Kunkel's One Gram Band puts on an electric and immersive show experience as they improvise their way through funky valleys and soaring peaks that bridge energy between audience and band. With a dedicated local fanbase, "The Nieces and Nephews”, each show is a coming together of friends, family, community, and is sure to be a good ol’ get down. At their first proper headlining show at The 8x10 (Baltimore) this spring, the band sold 186 tickets. Other notable plays include: upcoming pairing with Joe Marcinek, Ramble Festival.

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